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We are professional System Integrators... 

It is our job to integrate different technologies within your home... Whether it's a Home Cinema to escape into the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a comprehensive smart home control system, we can serve your needs.

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Home Cinema

Movies and games come to life on a projection screen, either as part of a Living Room integration or a dedicated Home Cinema Room. With Controlled Lighting, we can design your ultimate escape.

Control & Automation

A control system is the brains of a Smart Home. It knows the state of connected devices and reacts to programmed scenarios. One button press can set off a desired chain of commands.


Centralising media sources such as Sky boxes, Virgin Media boxes and streaming devices such as Roku and Apple TV means we can distribute these back across your whole house.


CCTV can now be viewed via an app on your mobile or tablet as well as your TV. With NVR's capable of recording multiple camera positions for as long as required (usually around 30 days).


We can design and install WiFi systems that not only plug any gaps of network coverage in your house but also extend out into the garden and outbuildings (even on the farm).

Automated Lighting

Forget banks of switches. Lighting scenes that turn themselves on in response to programmed situations. Eg. When the house alarm is off and it's dusk outside the lights come on to light the stairs.

Access Control

Convenient control of who can access your property and when either via access code, key fob, time of day or remote control over your mobile...


Our alarm systems can integrate with both CCTV and our automation systems. We can ask the automation system to react to the alarm going off by turning on lights and even train-sets if you're related to Kevin McCallister.

Data Network

The backbone of every system... a well planned network forms the infrastructure to run video, audio, CCTV and even the usual computer data around your home.

Cable Infrastructure

On any project your cable infrastructure requires careful planning and specification. Correct choice of materials will more than meet requirements for media traffic today and tomorrow.

Heating Control

Setting different areas of your home to different temperatures is easy with a control system that is aware of what the temperature is. It can even control air conditioning for the 3 days a year when you need it.


Industry grade telephony is now available in the home. We can install phone systems with multiple extensions across your property, linking them to outside landlines and each other.